When you use our services or contact us (online or in “the real world”), you trust us with your personal information. We collect and store this information about you to help us deliver the best possible marketing service.


Here we will explain what information we collect, how we collect it and what we actually do with it.

By giving us your information you are agreeing for us to process it in the ways described here.

Shoestring Services is a technology-powered Marketing Agency. To look us up, search for Shoestring Services, ABN 86 650 397 827.


We collect personal information that helps us contact you, solve your marketing problem and personalise our content for you. We will only ask for, use or share sensitive information with your consent and only for the reason we collected it (unless we need to by law).


We collect contact details like your name, phone number, email and address. The information we collect to personalise content for you includes job titles, images, opinions and how you use our site. We also ask about your work, business situation and credit card details. If we don’t need your information anymore, we will anonymise or delete it.


If you are giving us others’ personal information, please do so only if they agree to this policy.

When you access any website including ours, you may be providing it with information about your location, Internet provider, computer hardware, browser type and operating system.

When you reach out to us through the phone, use our website or open our emails, you are telling us about yourself.


This can be through online enquiry forms or questionnaires when you download our free resources.

We also use software like cookies to tell us how you use our website and how we can help you. Cookies are digital identifiers that are automatically stored on your computer. These help us personalise our service to you, and can be turned off or deleted at any time through your browser settings.


Using your information:

We use all personal information legally, fairly and transparently and on this page we explain everything that we do with it. We will only use your information to give you the best marketing service, which comes down to researching your case, communicating with you and marketing our services to you. This includes:

  • Giving you marketing advice
  • Asking you for feedback
  • Promotional purposes


We do these through:

Government database searches,

Phone calls,

Emails, and

Snail mail (occasionally)


Storing your information:

We store your information securely and only our staff and businesses we work with can access it. We use physical, electronic and management processes to keep your information safe. For example:

Access to your information is protected by strict user logins, and

All our staff are trained in information security


Sharing your information:

We regularly share your information with a core few organisations that we work with to collect, process and use your information. These include:

Data analysis (Google Analytics & Mangools)

Targeted Ads (Facebook & LinkedIn)

Payment services (PayPal)


Aside from these, we might also occasionally share your information with other contractors and groups like marketers, advisors, data storage and payment service providers, and only on a need-to-know basis. To find out how other groups use your information from our website, see their privacy policies (Google’s is here).


It’s possible that these groups store some of your information overseas (including the US) under different information privacy laws and disclosure obligations to Australia. If these groups ever breach Australian privacy laws, they won’t be accountable in Australia, and you won’t have any remedy available under Australian laws like the Privacy Act.


We will never sell your information (or give it away for free). However the government might ask for your information – for example through certain laws or a court order. This might include the police investigating a crime, or a court hearing for failure to pay. If this happens, we’ll comply. If Shoestring Services is ever sold, your personal information will also be shared with the new owner.


Remember, when reaching out to us online, we can’t guarantee that your information hasn’t been intercepted by someone else before reaching us. That’s your responsibility!


We will do our best to keep your data up to date. You can view – and ask us to correct – any data we have about you. You can also ask us at any time to stop communicating with you.


If you’re unhappy with something we’ve done or you think we’re not following privacy laws, let us know and we’ll get back to you promptly to try and fix that. Just reach out at info@shoestringservices.io.


You can also make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.


If this policy ever changes, we’ll update it here.