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We specialise in startup marketing and work predominantly with early-stage tech companies who have tight budgets. We know you need growth-focused marketing solutions which will drive immediate, tangible, measurable results.


As our name suggests, we invest heavily in our team to ensure our services remain affordable for startups looking for high quality, innovative marketing that doesn’t break the bank.


We also continually iterate, keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging technology and tech trends. This way, we are able to provide our clients with cost-effective, cutting edge tools and growth hacking techniques, keeping them ahead of competitors.


Our solutions are 100% customised and highly-targeted. We take the time to get to know your business, so we can tailor solutions that best suit your goals, then implement those solutions for you. We’re growth hacking, lead generation and social listening experts.


Shoestring Services is a vibrant and fast-growing marketing agency that gives our clients access to a professional team of experts, across a broad range of competencies, without the need to employ full-time staff of their own. Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most formidable brands and startups; bringing that expertise to your digital fingertips!


We’re a fully-remote team, covering all timezones so we can have someone managing our client’s campaigns around the clock.

What you see is what you get – our team is intentionally lean. We’ve hand-picked industry experts and we don’t outsource.

founder & CEO

Emma Hoffman



Jo-Ann Chan


747 Project Manager

Alex Browning

United States


Chris Curtis


Tuvit Reuven
Graphic Designer

Tuvit Reuven


Content Specialist

Dmitry Kran

United Kingdon

Paid Ad Specialist

Louise Troy


Data Entry

Charlen Talusig



As B2B sales specialists, backed by marketing automation, lead generation and social listening expertise, we’re proud to be bringing enterprise-level automation at a startup price range.


Our integrated approach allows us to optimise our client’s sales and marketing activity across multiple channels by creating demand, generating interest and delivering qualified sales leads.


Data-led thinking mixed with creative energy and digital expertise allows clients to target the right people, in the right place, at the right time and gain improved commercial results.


All of our services are “done-for-you” – we get that you’re looking for agency support because your resources are stretched.

We also don’t believe in contracts or retainers. It drives us to keep delivering excellent results for you.

Multichannel Sales

We create multi-channel, multi-touchpoint conversion funnels to expertly nurture leads through your sales cycle, with measurable KPIs at every stage.

B2B Lead Generation

Put your B2B lead generation on auto-pilot and drive new client engagement opportunities. Includes outreach to up to 500 prospects per month.

Email Automation

Send automated email drip sequences to verified email addresses with plain text emails. We can automate outreach to an unlimited number of prospects.

Hyperlocal Ads

Dominate local marketing with geo-targeted ads. We connect brands and stores to local shoppers to drive traffic in-store to pick your products off the shelves.

Social Media Management

Let us manage all your social media communities. We'll draft catchy captions, provide images, schedule posts, add hashtags and more - 100% hands off for you.

747 Social Media

We splice up to 60 minutes of video into 120+ chunks and then post across your choice of 7 social media platforms, 4 different types of content, up to 7 days per week.

Content Writing

Our team of content writers are able to produce high-quality SEO-optimised content to suit any style, format or topic. From blogs to reports and much more.

Paid Ads & SEO

We offer Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads. We'll manage the campaign setup, copywriting, design and ongoing optimisation for you.

Social Selling

Discover the best opportunities to engage with your audience. Track trends, discover leads and connect with your customers across most major social channels.


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